Colombia - Honey Gesha

Colombia - Honey Gesha

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I always knew that one of the first coffees I showcased needed to be a Colombia gesha. I have tried gesha coffees all along my coffee journey and although i've enjoyed them, I've always looked for the ones that still had some bite, some juicyness to them. This coffee is a honey process gesha which makes it one that you could actually drink alllll day. It's a goodun, and I wont be around for long! Limited run vibes! 

In the brew I'm getting:

Mango and apricot fruitiness, a condensed milk creaminess, and my taste markers are floral but sweet!

**This coffee was purchased through the rad homies at Cofinet, who have been sourcing some incredible coffees from Colombia for the past few years. 

Luis Anibal Calderón lives at Finca Villa Betulia with his wife and 4 sons. He first purchased the farm in 2005. In search of a way to remain profitable, he began planting specialty coffee varieties in 2012. He planted 5,000 Geisha trees on around 5% of his farm. Ten years later, it was apparent to Luis Anibal that returns from cultivating Geisha were worth the extra effort. He's decided to dedicate his entire farm to farm more delicate and rare specialty varieties, such as Geisha and the Pink Bourbon in this lot. His dream is to produce 100% exotic varieties like these on his farm and would like drinkers of his coffee to understand the effort and love his family puts into their coffees.


All Process coffees are sold as 200g