Foundation - Ethiopia

Foundation - Ethiopia

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YES! A super tasty washed Yirgachefe Ethiopia from the homies at Foundation Coffee Roasters. 

This coffee has a clean cup vibe with notes of coconut and berries. V RAD! 

AND it comes in their brand new packaging, which is just unreal. Props to the foundation friends on this one. recyclable cardboard box and the compostable bag ✌️

From Foundation:

The Koke washing station is named for the Koke kebele, or town, where it is located in the Yirgacheffe district of the Gedeo Zone. The family-owned Koke washing station was built in 2011 and has seen many improvements since 2015, when the washing station staff began providing guidance to contributing producers regarding steps to increase coffee quality. Tasting like grapes, coconut, blackberry and a silky body.