BLOMMERS - Colombia Anaerobic Natural

BLOMMERS - Colombia Anaerobic Natural

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Blommers roast straight outa Nijmegen in the Netherlands. I am a huge fan of their roast style and the coffees they produce! 

This anaerobic natural is super interesting. Tasting of Papaya, lychee and lemongrass. Its a pretty wild cup 🤙

From Blommers:

Villa Clabelina is run by the brothers Henan and Eugenio Prieto. The plantation was established more than fifty years ago. Surrounded by the spectacular mountain landscape of Antioquia, they have 105 000 coffee plants in an area of ​​22 hectares of land and mainly grow the varieties Caturra and Colombia. Before the coffee is dried, it undergoes an anaerobic fermentation in water for 48 hours. This process makes this coffee super sweet while retaining a lot of clarity. You can expect wild fruit, a nice layering of berries and a candy-like sweetness