Foundation - Colombia

Foundation - Colombia

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IT"S BACK! A super tasty Colombia from the incredible producer Helena Salazar by way of the amazing Cata Coffee Exporters. 

This coffee is bright, citric, and suuuuuper juicy. V RAD! 

AND it comes in their brand new packaging, which is just unreal. Props to the foundation friends on this one. recyclable cardboard box and the compostable bag ✌️

From Foundation:


Luz Helena Salazar has been growing coffee in Quindio region for over 40 years. Her experience gave her plenty of time to master and develop her signature double fermentanation/double drying process. She ownes several farms and Santa Monica is the biggest and her playground for experimental processes. 24 hours dry anaerobic fermentation. Tasting like bright citrus fruit, strawberry and sweet chocolate.