Onyx Terraform Propaganda

Onyx Terraform Propaganda

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So, Prop is one of the raddest rappers/coffee dudes I've come across. To see this collaboration between a roaster who's focus on quality and excellence as well as equality and inclusivity gets me so HYPED! 

On top of all that, the coffee tastes RAD 🤙

From ONYX:

Terraform: the process of changing the environment of an uninhabitable planet to make it able to support life. What if we applied this idea to the world we live in now? Prop and Onyx are coming together to encourage us all to build a livable world. This washed Ethiopia cofffee is a special ORGANIC micro-lot from our longtime friends at the Hambela Estate. This is our sixth year to work with the Adinew brothers and their beautiful farm in the South Central mountain range of the Gedeo zone was uniquely sourced, roasted and defined in partnership with Propaganda.