Ethiopia - Biftu Gudina

Ethiopia - Biftu Gudina

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That funky Biftu Gudina! 🕺🕺🕺

This has been a coffee I have very nostalgic memories of. It was the first ‘fancy bag’ of coffee I bought wayyyyyyy back and I picked it up from five elephant in Berlin. What a banger. 

So I am stoked to have a special lot here to showcase to you guys now! 

This washed heirloom Ethiopia tastes of raspberrries, melted ice cream, and peach tea. It’s a perfect morning coffee and one of my favourites right now. 

It’s also certified organic, which is niiiiiiice

Certified Organic



**Derived from Amharic language, Biftu Gudina means "ray of development." The cooperative was established in 2012, and is located in the Agaro - Goma woreda (district) within the Jimma zone. There are about 150 smallholders in total. Located near Jimma town, the co-op benefits from high altitude and rich fertile soils. The surrounding area is green and lush.