Ethiopia - Yirgachefe

Ethiopia - Yirgachefe

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This outstanding washed Ethiopia Yirga was produced by Mulugeta Elima. It was the first coffee I selected to bring in for Process coffee and I was blown away when we dropped the first test roast. It's thick, juicy, and sweet, so you could easily mistake it for a natural, but it has a really bright grapefruit acidity and clarity that really showcases the quality of the coffee, its washed processing, and the terroir that it came from.

In the brew I'm getting:

Grapefruit, heaps of berry sweetness, and my taste markers are fruity and chewy!

**This green coffee was purchased through Olam would are partnered with the FDT (farmer direct trade) project which has been running for last few years. Ethiopian coffee has a reputation and heritage which precedes itself, but the vast majority of coffees in Ethiopia, even microlots, are not fully traceable to farmer level. In 2018 this project was started to create single farmer separations for Ethiopian smallholder coffees. In this first year the project worked with 17 different producers in villages around Yirgacheffe and Gedeb, on lots ranging between 2 and 21 bags in size. For each lot, they are able to access a previously untapped level of traceability: precise data on the farmer’s location and elevation, the local names for the varietals used, the exact price they received for their cherries, and even how many children they support with their coffee income. This unique insight allows for data-led improvements, which can in turn increase farmer premiums. RAAAAAAAD!!! 

All Process coffees are sold as 200g