HEX - Aristides Guarnizo

HEX - Aristides Guarnizo

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This BANGER washed Colombia is fresh, with pineapple acidity, and sweetness like strawberrys dipped in sugar!


From HEX:

Aristides Guarnizo is a second generation coffee producer, and has been working with Fairfield Trading in Colombia since 2015.  Aristides is a committed producer, and constantly working to improve the quality and unique character of his coffees.  Processing and fermentation plays an important role in all coffees, and this is something that Aristides has put many hours into refining and perfecting in his coffee.  Two days tof picking are combined and depulped on the final day of picking.  The coffee is left to ferment in open-air tanks for 36-48 hours in very little water, then is washed 3-4 times or until the water is clean.  The coffee is then left to dry 20-30 days in the solar dryer, depending on weather conditions.

“This literally the fruits of my labor, and I do it to have the best coffee possible. I hope the care and effort comes through and you will love the coffee.”
- Aristides Guarnizo