Peru - San Fernando

Peru - San Fernando

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First Peru release is ready to roll! I am real hyped to showcase this tasty natural Peru from the San Fernando co-op and in partnership with another co-op named Valle Incahuasi.

This Peru has been performing amazing for me over the last month and you may have found it being showcased through some of our wholesale partners. I was drawn to this coffee because of the dedication to sustainable farming and tradition, that the farmers of the Inkawasi district adopt.  

This is turn means that the cup profile is the result of traditional natural processing, low water usage, and with this coffee, yields a sweeeeeeet cup showcasing mild acidity and juicy fruit notes.

In the brew I'm getting:

Mango & plum, Caramel sweetness, and my taste markers are sweet & juicy!

This coffee was purchased through the rad homies at Falcon coffee.

All Process coffees are sold as 200g

**Roasted on Tuesdays, ships on Thursdays 🤙