If you're reading this, then the Process Box Set has just been released! YEP! A 'box set' of three of theĀ tastiest, high scoring speciality coffees, ready for you to binge your way through. I am sooooooo hyped about this!Ā 

I wanted to give the homies a way to experience these three coffees side by side? So check this out. Let me introduce you to the weird world of ā€˜cuppingā€™....

It's not as weird as it sounds. Maybe.. it's really just the best way to test coffees together and compare and contrast them. All the cool kids do it. Really, I promise. Have fun with this one though, and donā€™t take it too serious. Cupping is a way to develop your pallet and start spotting different flavours and taste references in your coffee. After you're done, go grab your brewer and your favourite from this lineup and brew up a big 'ol mug.

Find 3 vessels to brew in that are all the same size and that ideally hold around 220ml water. Using a ratio of 1g coffee to 16.4g water figure out what coffee you will need to get a ā€˜full to the brimā€™ brew (I went for 11g coffee to 180g water in my coffee cup). Grind each coffee at v60 grind size adding them to your 3 cups. Now grab your kettle with the water just off boil, start your timer, and fill each cup to the top. Wait for 4mins30 while the coffee steeps and you chat to your friend about how weird this all this. OR even better, snap a picture and post it on your chosen social media network tagging process!

At 4mins30 grab a tablespoon/soup spoon and break the crust of coffee on each cup, pushing the spoon all the way to the bottom. Do that 3 times for each cup. (Clean the spoon between coffees) Try your best to scoop off any floaters from the surface of the coffee. Chill again until your timers hits 9mins. NOW, grab that spoon again, dip it into your coffee, lift some out, andā€¦slurp. that. coffee. (Pro tip. The louder your slurp, the cooler you look. more that coffee will blast around your mouth and hit all your taste buds).

Keep slurping through the coffees as they cool, and chat or note down what you taste in each coffee. Fun. Right?..

Make sure you pick upĀ your own Box Set HERE.Ā 



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