This is process!

A Coffee and lifestyle supply co. based out of Belfast. Roasting some of the raddest coffees about. And here to make your life simpler, your coffee better, and your day gooooood!

I hope this website acts as a place to connect in with me (Ben) and with this concept. Process is the outworking of vision and collaboration as I work in the coffee industry, building relationships with some of the best people around. It's people over product and passion over position. And I'm throwing everything I've got into each stage of the journey.

As a roaster Process exists to showcase every coffee selected in it's truest form. Highlighting the individual characteristics, and celebrating the work of the producers by delivering super tasty coffees that are balanced and bright. This means paying close attention to the varietal, terroir and processing conditions, and above all, selecting high quality green coffee with a story and people behind it who I can represent and champion. I have collaborated with and showcased some of the best roasters during my time in coffee, and now as a result of these experiences, lessons, shared knowledge, and my desire for the best, you can now enjoy Process Coffee. We're making memories team!

All products stocked are considered, and intentionally curated for you and your every day adventures. Process approved, to keep you wide awake and feeling great!

You can check out a little bit more around the story of process in the about section or follow along with my newsletter sign up, and semi regular blog posts. 

Get involved, have fun and stay rad!

Ben 🤙   




Here's what I wrote wayyyy back in early 2020 when Process was just kicking off :)

Here we are! Process is ready to share and you're all welcome to get involved.  

I'm Ben. A coffee professional and lover of rad stuff. Based in Belfast NI, and rocking a wife and 2 kids 😎 They make me suuuuper happy! I have been working in coffee for a while now. It's the best. The last 3 years have been spent as a co founder and project/general manager at a shop called Guilt Trip. I have also spent this time meeting, collaborating and creating with some of the raddest people I know. 

With Process I want to connect people to this beautiful world of coffee, and tell stories as I work with brands and the people behind them. Everyone has a story to tell right?! And in the coffee world the stories are usually pretty interesting. On this new platform I want to offer a place of connection, a hub for collaboration and a destination for your higher level coffee experience. To help do this I have intentionally curated a supply of products that I think are awesome and rep worthy. It aint much, but I want this to all make sense. These are only the brands and products that I use, rate super highly, and love to shout about! I hope you're into them. Selling them also puts food on the table soooo that's kinda neat too 

All products stocked are considered and selected for you and your daily adventures. Whether that's your barista get up, your next trip, the hike supplies, or just the stuff you need to just get you through that afternoon slump.


If you want to work together just get in contact. I'm all ears! And always looking to collab.

As a consultant, I offer full coffee strategy for your new or existing coffee venture, as well as brand strategy and maintenance, and customer service excellence training. Having lead the charge on the first three years of Guilt Trip, and built the brand momentum, customer engagement and mostly importantly a killer operational team, I now utilise my experiences and energies to work with other organisations in fleshing out how they can provide the best coffee and customer experience their business and brands requires, and reach their full potential.

I offer training and support on workflow efficiency on your bar, customer experience and engagement, and coffee quality and consistency. 

And if you're a barista down or struggling, I'm your relief pitcher to get to back on track and to keep the coffee flowing 🤙


I guess this starts with coffee, and we'll see where it goes. But it's the people and the process right in the middle where all the gold lies! Thanks coffee!!! 

Get involved, and stay rad