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The more people we can get to focus on the process the better right?! I wanted to make sure that each clothing line product I release has a weight to it that justifies you guys wearing them until they fall off your back! The coffee industry as a whole is dynamic, layered, rich, weird, and full of multiple processes. Heck, life is a process, and I always find myself being reminded to trust the process, and be part of the process. These pieces help keep it real. 


Some roasters are just making crazy good tee's, and when I buy their coffee I want their gear. So this line is an every changing collab merch range connecting process to some of the fav coffee frenz! All releases are super limited edition so don't sleep! 

*All Process apparel is ethically sourced and marked as earth positive or organic certified. To read more about our earth positive tees, head to the bottom of the page and look for 'Process Apparel' section.