LAC - Gesha EF

LAC - Gesha EF

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I have showcased a number of coffees from Luis Anibal Calderon now and have completely fallen in love with the offerings he is producing from his farm. 

If you missed out on the incredible 3 part LAC boxset, don't worry. You can still enjoy this outstanding washed EF Gesha lot which was a crowd favourite from the limited boxset run a while back.

You can read on for more info on LAC himself but let me tell you about this rad coffee 👇

Varietal - Gesha

Process - Washed EF

In the brew I'm getting:

Plum, cherry, black tea, and my taste markers are clean and bright!


Luis Anibal Calderon  is a second-generation coffee grower born in Acevedo, Huila. After some challenging times early in his coffee growing practises, he began to work with the town’s specialty coffee association. He became one of the first farmers in Huila to produce high-end micro-lots, as well as master alternative processing methods, such as extended fermentation, honey, and natural. Now, on his farm, you’ll find all sorts of exotic varietals including; Gesha, Red Bourbon, Typica, Pacamara, and Mokka, amongst others. In harvest, he provides jobs to people in the local area, having a significant economic impact on the community.


All Process coffees are sold as 200g

**Roasted on Tuesdays, ships on Thursdays 🤙