COLOMBIA - San Sebastián

COLOMBIA - San Sebastián

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Introducing the first espresso focused Colombia that I’ve brought in 🤙

Working with Cofinet we’ve selected this washed caturra, castillo lot from smallholder growers in the Inzá municipality. Situated around 1700masl this coffee really jumped out on the cupping table. It’s sweet and has a light acidity, with body and bite to boot. As espresso, green apple and caramel shine through and honey, molasses and nutmeg can be found when adding milk.                      

It’s also prettttttttty freaking tasty as a morning filter brew toooooooo. (I've currently got it running through the batch brewer EVERY DANG DAY!

In the brew I'm getting:

Plum, Apple, Caramel & nutmeg, and my taste markers are clean & sweet.  


All Process coffees are sold as 200g

**Roasted on Tuesdays, ships on Thursdays 🤙