Yemen - Bani Al Areef
Yemen - Bani Al Areef

Yemen - Bani Al Areef

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Cup Profile: Blood orange, fruit tea, dried red fruits, cinnamon and caramel

Altitude 1700-2100

Process - Carbonic maceration

Location - Harazi, Yemen

Varietal - Jaadi

More than twenty thousand coffee trees planted in this village, west of Haraz, It is owned by twenty farmers who cultivate coffee as a main source of income for the village which is about 16 km from the center of Manakhah District. Coffee is cultivated on the agricultural terraces that reach an altitude of 1700 M above sea level. The exact history of coffee cultivation in the village of Beni Al-Areef is unknown, but the cultivation of coffee in Haraz was known about 400 years ago, as farmers still inherit its cultivation and harvesting it in the same traditional way, while no modern machines for cultivation, irrigation or harvesting have reached the village.

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